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Quality over Quantity 

I’m not going to give you some speech about how solar is going to save the world or how


environmentally conscious we are BUT I can tell you that in most cases your ROI can be met


within a reasonable timeframe as long as most of the cost goes into the system vs commissions.

I'm just a Canyon Lake Resident, DIY'er


who has happens to have a C10 Electrical Contractor's License


and 4 years of  FIELD  experience in the Solar Industry.

If you've ever contemplated installing a system yourself


I'm your Consult/Labor


Solar is not a luxury item

It's Utility bill decreasing strategy

So the lower your Investment, the faster your ROI

the question then becomes, where can we save on cost

I'll tell you right now, we are NOT saving cost on the quality of the solar panels, 

the quality of the inverters, the quality of the roof sealing or the quality of the installation

We CAN save cost on dividends, commissions, bonuses, sales, marketing, and financing fees

If this is of interest to you,

Give me a call and let's have a conversation


(805) 905-1708

Sincerely - Your Friendly Neighborhood Solar Installer

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